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Consulting Services

Engage Windup Consulting to dream, design, and deliver your workplace transformation

Working with Windup Consulting


Level Up

Our team has consulted with many Fortune 500 companies operating globally-distributed solutions. We deliver that same enterprise-level service to every customer.

Simple Results

Windup’s outcome-based consulting services will help you realize ROI through phased delivery tailored to your needs.

Centralized and Secure

We prioritize our solutions to protect your assets while providing for ease of access and central administration.

Proven Methods

Our methodology delivers your strategy in a way that allows for a repeatable process of simplified management, thereby reducing operational overhead and confusion.

Mishapen pentagon within a pentagon

Free Mini-Assessment

You’re looking for someone to help you with a critical need and might not know who to trust. With a free mini-assessment, we’ll review your environment and give actionable recommendations. We look forward to working with you.

Which support option is best for me?

Realizing ROI with Managed Services, block hour, or ad-hoc support can be difficult to track. We’ll help you find cost-effectiveness while maximizing the support your organization needs.

Our Craft and Focus


The Windup Consulting Services team has a broad array of competencies to meet your needs. With years of service to Fortune 500 companies, we know how to face the most complex of challenges.

Day-to-Day Support

We get it. Not everything is a transformation or a migration. Sometimes, you just need help configuring or updating.

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Every now and then you want help deploying an image update. You might need a little guidance on whether or not to patch that Windows Server to avoid software conflicts. Your data center needs new pizza boxes or blades, and you need an extra set of hands. We can help!


  • Data Center Maintenance
  • Hardware Refresh
  • Server Patching
  • Virtualization Updates
  • Architecture Guidance
  • General IT Support

Resource Modernization

Enlist Windup Consulting to craft your solution to simplify resource delivery in a secure and centralized architecture.

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How are those home-grown apps for Windows 7 treating you? Do they work in Windows 11 or Windows Server 2021? Are users frustrated with the workaround, and does it hinder their productivity? Bottlenecks and workarounds can hurt operational readiness and impede an individual's contribution to the cause. Windup LOVES solving these concerns.


  • Access Strategy
  • Application Delivery Strategy
  • Application Rationalization
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Workspace Design
  • Workspace Deployment

Environment Security and Unity

Security is wrapped around everything we do. We love building secure environments and have the expertise to integrate your cloud and on-premise resources into a unified solution.

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“Why can’t my enterprise solution be as simple as buying movie tickets online?” We feel you. Older IT strategies focused on throwing money and hardware at a problem, but people were often left out. We do not endorse tech for tech’s sake (aka- just because you can). We design solutions that start with you – a human. From there, we mold a strategy to help you meet your critical business objectives.


  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Security Assessment
  • Security Strategy Design
  • Security Strategy Implementation
  • Workspace Design
  • Workspace Deployment

Cloud Transformation

We’ll help you design a hybrid or full cloud transition plan that optimizes seemless workflows with a “cloud where it makes sense” mindset.

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Just because your organization can move everything to the cloud doesn’t mean it should. We’ll help you make cost-effective decisions on moving infrastructure and resources to the cloud or optimizing them in your own data center. A great starting point is to engage Windup Solutions through a Cloud Transformation Readiness Assessment.


  • Cloud Transformation Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Transformation Design
  • Cloud Transformation Deployment
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Workspace Design
  • Workspace Deployment

Infrastructure Optimization

A highly available and stable data center architecture can significantly reduce operational stress. Our team deploy targeted enhancements to ensure maximum benefit from your resources.

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We focus on simple design that cuts complexity and enhances security. Our infrastructure designs and deployments focus on virtualization optimization and hardware efficiency. Are you realizing maximum virtual machine and hardware resource density on your hosts? Do you have single points of failure that put your business at risk? We can answer those questions with an Infrastructure Assessment that incorporates leading practices and a proven methodology. 


  • Cloud Transformation Readiness Assessment
  • Emergency Services
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Ransomeware Recovery

Network Optimization and Security

Windup’s networking experts design and deploy highly secure network frameworks to protect your critical data.

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Your network infrastructure must continually adapt to defend against evolving threats. Windup’s networking team has deployed globally-distributed networks requiring load balancing and disaster recovery. We have the expertise to ensure your on-prem or cloud network meets compliance requirements to protect your people and data.


  • Cloud Migration
  • Disaster Recovery Design
  • Network Assessment
  • Network Design
  • Network Deployment
  • Security Assessment
  • Security Strategy Design
  • Security Strategy Implementation
  • Ransomware Recovery

Get Started with Windup

We love IT, and we’d love to help you achieve your critical IT goals. Let’s make something great together!

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