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Level Up

Our team has consulted with many Fortune 500 companies operating globally-distributed solutions. We deliver that same enterprise-level service to every customer.

Simple Results

Windup’s outcome-based consulting services will help you realize ROI through phased delivery tailored to your needs.

Centralized and Secure

We prioritize our solutions to protect your assets while providing for ease of access and central administration.

Proven Methods

Our methodology delivers your strategy in a way that allows for a repeatable process of simplified management, thereby reducing operational overhead and confusion.

Mishapen pentagon within a pentagon

Free Mini-Assessment

You’re looking for someone to help you with a technical business need and might not know where to start. With a free mini-assessment, we’ll review your environment and give actionable recommendations.

What if I need ongoing support?

Windup offers Managed Services when daily operational support is needed. We’ll help you find cost-effectiveness while maximizing the support your organization receives.

Our Craft and Focus


The Windup Consulting Services team has worked in some of the world’s largest virtualized environments. We have honed our services to specifically meet the needs of organizations that deliver virtual apps and desktops on-prem or in the cloud.

Resource Modernization & Enhancement

Enlist Windup Consulting to craft your solution to simplify resource delivery in a secure and centralized architecture. Deliver enterprise-level workspace solution

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Bottlenecks and shoddy workarounds can hurt operational readiness and impede user contributions to productivity. Modernizing your application delivery can greatly improve success for your business.


  • Application Delivery Strategy
  • Application Rationalization
  • Pilot and Proof-of-concept Deployment
  • Virtual App and Desktop Assessment, Design, or Deployment
  • Virtual App and Desktop Issue Remediation

Environment Security and Unity

Security is wrapped around everything we do. We love building secure environments and have the expertise to integrate your cloud and on-premise resources into a unified solution.

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Is your environment prepared for a disaster and hardened against threats? Disaster recovery and security is often overlooked when delivering a digital workspace solution. Speak with a Windup Consulting rep today to review your infrastructure.


  • Disaster Recovery Assessment, Design, or Deployment
  • Infrastructure Security Assessment, Design, or Deployment
  • Multifactor Authentication Deployment
  • Ransomware Recovery

Cloud Transformation

We’ll help you deliver a hybrid or full cloud transition plan that optimizes seemless workflows with a “cloud where it makes sense” mindset. Use a cloud instance to also provide Disaster Recovery for your business.

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Forklifting your existing infrastructure or upgrading to a new cloud solution requires careful planning. Our Consulting team can help you deliver a cloud solution to meet your goals and success criteria for a successful cloud rollout.


  • Cloud Transformation Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Migration Design or Deployment
  • Workspace Design or Deployment

Cloud Transformation

We’ll help you design a hybrid or full cloud transition plan that optimizes seemless workflows with a “cloud where it makes sense” mindset. Use a cloud instance to also provide Disaster Recovery for your business.

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Just because your organization can move everything to the cloud doesn’t mean it should. We’ll help you make cost-effective decisions on moving infrastructure and resources to the cloud or optimizing them in your own data center. A great starting point is to engage Windup Solutions through a Cloud Transformation Readiness Assessment.


  • Cloud Transformation Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Transformation Design
  • Cloud Transformation Deployment
  • Disaster Recovery Design
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Workspace Design
  • Workspace Deployment


Windup’s networking experts design and deploy highly secure network frameworks focused on efficient delivery of virtualized resources.

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Our networking team will help to ensure your on-prem or cloud network delivers a load-balanced and highly available solution.


  • Network Assessment
  • Network Design
  • Network Deployment

Managed Services

Ongoing support is available for your organization. Focused on delivery of virtualized resources and digital workspace, Windup Managed Services provides structured tiered offerings that will help you achieve success.

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Transforming your digital workspace is really about creating a more human work experience. Let’s make something great together!

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